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Specific Terms of Baccarat Card Game to Remember

Baccarat Glossary

When you decide to play baccarat game you think of nothing but baccarat rules, don't you? Yes, this is a very important moment though it is not the only one of course; do not forget also about some specific terms which can be met and heard only at baccarat. When you sit at baccarat table but you do not know anything about baccarat glossary, it will be rather difficult for you to feel yourself confident during the game of baccarat.

So, what are the main baccarat terms to learn and remember?

Baccarat - the name of the game, means "zero" according to the Italian word "baccarat"

Banco - is "a banker" actually

Bettor - a person who makes bets at baccarat

Bankroll - all the money which is used as bets during the game

Broadway - a special can for discarded cards at a baccarat table

Call man - a casino worker which shuffles cards, calls the values of each hand, tells whether to take the third card or not and s/he announces the winner of baccarat game

Coup/ croupier - a casino dealer or a gambler who plays the role of a banker during baccarat game

Chemmy - you can call Chemin de Fer in such a way when you are in England

Down card - a card which is dealt being faced down

Lace - when a player laces cards, it means s/he places them into a deck stacked

Natural - 8 or 9 points which are considered to be a winning at baccarat

Punto - this word is used sometimes instead of "a player"

Rule Card - a card which follows all rules of baccarat game (they are printed there)

Sabot - a French word used for "a shoe" (special box for a deck of cards)

Shimmy - this American slang word can be used when you speak about such a baccarat variation as Chemin de Fer

Vigorish - this funny word usually describes the commission of 5% which is always taken by a casino

VIP - a player who always makes the biggest bets

As you can see, there is a certain number of specific baccarat terms to learn and remember; and if you plan to beat a casino playing baccarat, do not be lazy to learn these words: they are really useful to know.

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