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Baccarat Card Game Myths: Let's Find the Truth

Baccarat Card Game Myths

Being a very easy to learn and play, baccarat card game is hardly believed to be played only by rich and aristocratic gentlemen; the fact this game is so easy though exciting makes baccarat to be very popular and loved among many people all over the world. So, it is not surprising that the more people played and liked baccarat - the more different myths concerning this game appeared to be; and some of them could be really problematic for baccarat beginners because they did not understand where the myth and where the truth was, so it could influence their game.

Here we'll try to reveal some common baccarat myths in order to improve your chances for winning this exciting card game.

Myth #1: Baccarat is played only by rich aristocratic gentlemen

Well, this statement was actually true in the past when baccarat just started its journey to American casinos; but today, when many different baccarat variations have appeared and when the Internet is everywhere now, each of us has a chance to admire this game both in casinos and online.

Myth #2: Baccarat is played according to a pattern

It is not actually true because baccarat is the game of luck and your chances for winning do not depend on how many times Banker or Tie won. Although, baccarat probabilities say that it is more profitable to bet on Banker but it does not mean this option will always win.

Myth #3: Card counting always works for baccarat as well as blackjack

Both blackjack and baccarat are played with the same deck of cards, so it is usually believed that card counting technique, which perfectly works for blackjack, works for baccarat card game too. But it is not true because it is impossible to count cards at baccarat; the one main fact should be remembered: baccarat is the game of chance and luck.

Myth #4: Know systems - win baccarat

There are quite a lot of different baccarat systems which are believed to work at baccarat table, for example Martingale system or D'Alembert betting system. In fact, all these systems do not work and a player just wastes his/her time and money when uses them. Be clever: do not believe different baccarat betting systems.

Myth #5: Baccarat is useless to play for a skillful gambler

Thanks for its easy rules, baccarat can be played both by professional players and beginners; moreover, baccarat is the only one casino game which gives such a small advantage to a house (only 1,06%). So, do not take into consideration all those myths concerning baccarat card game and just take a pleasure and enjoy it!


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