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Baccarat Probabilities and Odds

Baccarat Probabilities

Speaking about baccarat probabilities, all sources give the information concerning three options of playing baccarat card game:

  • How to choose the best bet
  • Whether to bet on Tie
  • How many decks of cards to play

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If baccarat tips are more about a player's behavior at baccarat table, baccarat probabilities describe the percentage of winning when making this or that bet. So, what bet to make in order to increase your chances for winning?

The Best Bet to Choose

Playing baccarat, each gambler has only three options to bet on: Player, Banker and Tie; each of them gives some advantage to a casino of course and that is why the main problem of a gambler is to make the tight bet to lose less. So, what is a casino advantage concerning each bet?

Player: 1,35%

Banker: 1,07%

So, it is obvious, that it is more profitable to bet on Banker as you lose less in a case of your winning. But do not forget about 5% of commission which almost every casino takes for the Banker bet.

What about Tie?

If you bet on Tie, a casino takes 14,4% of commission in a case of your winning; so, it is clear that it would be not very profitable for you to bet on Tie when you play baccarat. Anyway, statistics says that there are small chances that a bet of Tie wins. That is why most baccarat experts do not recommend to bet on this option though nobody says this bet can not win at all. But if you win when you bet on Tie, you are a real lucky man, and everything we have to do is to congratulate you with this fact!


Usually, baccarat card game is played with 8 decks of 52 cards and all winning probabilities are counted due to this fact. Anyway, it is possible to find some baccarat tables where this game s played with fewer decks of cards, and all experts say that the fewer decks are used to play - the more chances for winning are. Actually, a baccarat table layout gives a chance to see how many decks are used at the table, and a player is able to see that before sitting and starting the game.

It is very comfortable for new comers as they can easily see the whole situation before the game; and even if it is not a big difference whether you play bigger or smaller decks of cards, the case with smaller number of decks gives you some advantage before a casino. And this fact can not be unpleasant, can it?

Well, baccarat probabilities can help you of course but do not consider them to be the only one thing you should know in order to win, because baccarat card game has a lot of nuances which should be known and remembered when you sit at baccarat table. Anyway, start with minimum bet and you'll quickly understand how to play and how to make better wagers.


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