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Everything About Baccarat Rules: How to Play In Order to Win

Baccarat Rules

Baccarat game is one of the most popular and loved casino card games of chance which has its own secrets, myths, interesting facts, experts etc. If you want to be at least somehow successful in this game, to learn baccarat rules would be not out of place; though they are very simple and easy to remember.


According to baccarat rules, this game is usually played in a separate casino room behind curtains (if it is not online baccarat, of course). This tradition has come from the time when baccarat was considered to be the game of aristocratic and noble gentlemen only, and today baccarat is still played separately from other casino games.

There is a special baccarat table designed particularly for this game: 3 dealers and 14 players maximum can play at such a table: one dealer is the main one (a croupier) and two others help him/her to deal with all bets. But today, when many baccarat variations have a place to be, it is possible to find different baccarat tables (there are 5 of them at least).


There are actually only three options at the game of baccarat which a gambler can bet on: Player, Banker, Tie: choose one of them (which will be a winner to your mind) and make your bet on this option. After all bets are made, a banker (whose role can be played both by a dealer or some player) deals two hands of cards faced down: two cards for Player and two cards for Banker. When the cards are dealt, both a player and a banker announce their results and a winner is determined in such a way.

How to count the results

If you are a baccarat expert it will be out of question for you but there is a chance that a novice may have some misunderstandings first, like the main character of Rush Hour 3 for example who did not know that King means zero at baccarat. So, it is necessary to know all card values when play baccarat casino game or if you play the best blackjack online everyday.

Baccarat is usually played with 8 decks of 52 cards. The object of the game is to get as closer to 9 points as it is possible; actually, nine is the maximum you can get at baccarat. Due to this fact, all cards are valued in such a way:

Card Points
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Equal to its value
10 Zero
Jack Zero
Queen Zero
King Zero
Ace 1 point

Even if your hand total is more than 9, they will be counted in order not to exceed this number. For example:

5's + 6's = 11 = 1+1 = 2. Your result is 2.

Third Card Rule

Depending on their final results, both a player and a dealer may have a right to take one more card to their hand in order to improve the results. The third card rule tells the following:

Situation What to do
Final 8-9 points Stand! You've won! This combination is called to be "natural"
Final 6-7 points Stand
Final 5 points Choose whether to take the third cards or not
Final 0-4 points Take the third card


When it is time to take your winning, do not forget about such a thing as a commission: a casino will not let you to take all your winnings so easy! Remember that when you bet on Banker, you will be able to take only 95% of your winning: casinos always take 5% of commission.

If you bet on Player, a casino takes only 1,28% of commission.

If you bet on Tie, it will cost you 14% of your winning; so, this is the most unprofitable bet indeed.

Moreover, the bet on Banker takes 1,06% from you together with those 5% of casino commission. So, think twice before choosing the option to bet.


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