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Baccarat Systems: Working Winning Methods

Though the obvious and well-known fact from baccarat history is that this is the card game of chance and nothing can predict your win but luck, many gamblers try to use many different baccarat systems to improve their chances for winning. There are a lot of questions concerning the fact whether these baccarat systems really work or not. Anyway, their number continues to grow and each baccarat system finds its followers; so, let's talk about the most popular of them, and it is up to you whether to believe them or not.

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And the first fact to know is there are three types of baccarat betting system exist:

  • Positive Progression Betting - increase a bet when win
  • Negative Progression Betting - increase a bet when lose
  • Insurance Betting System - decrease a bet when lose

Martingale Betting System

This betting system is believed to be really successful and many gamblers think it really works because Martingale betting system is a rather old one. This is a negative progression betting which tells you to increase your bet each time when you lose and decrease it when you win.

D'Alembert System

As well as Martingale system, D'Alembert is also rather old and negative progression betting system. It also suggests increasing your bet each time when you lose but D'Alembert betting system had been improved somehow in order to be much safer for gamblers.

Parlay Betting System

This system is very easy to use for beginners and it has always been much better for horse racing, not for gambling. Everything a player should do is to make a low bets while s/he is lucky to win and stop the game at the moment the luck shows its back to him/her.

Paroli Betting System

Paroli betting system is completely opposite to the Martingale system: each time when you win you increase your bet; so, this baccarat system can be also called a positive progression betting as well as 1-3-2-6 system.

The Labouchère Betting System

It is also called a Cancellation System because it is a negative progression betting system: you write down numbers such as 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc… These numbers depend on a game variation you play; and you bet on the first and last number of your list. Every number is an amount of units you bet.

Three Dimensional Baccarat System

This system is perfect for those players who like to make flat bets only: according to it, a deck's shoe can be tracked in three different ways. Though it seems to be not very easy, this system is simple to use and understand. Moreover, Three Dimensional Baccarat System has the unique bet method.

The 1-3-2-6 System

This is the positive progression betting system: you bet 1 unit first, and then it's time to bet 3 units, 2 ones afterwards and finally 6 units. This betting system is similar to Paroli Betting System and, actually, it finds a lot of followers who believe it really works.

Flat Bet Baccarat System

This baccarat system is based on the current pattern of a card shoe and it is considered to be a progressive betting system. The whole Flat Bet Baccarat System is completely based on a shoe condition and it does not depend on any shoe shuffling.

Card Counting

Card counting is usually used for blackjack card game and it really works there: the point is to count cards which are left in a deck in order to determine which ones are left and what your chances for winning are. This method is also believed to work for baccarat, though specialists are rather skeptical here.


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