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Details of Baccarat Table

Baccarat Table

Certainly, it is important to know the rules of the game when you come to play baccarat; but what about baccarat tables? To know its layouts means not to be involved into any silly situations when you come to play casino baccarat: it is necessary to know right places at baccarat tables where to place bets, where to sit and where to pay your commission.

This section will tell you everything we know about baccarat tables to help you with being confident during the game itself.

Baccarat Table

The traditional baccarat table has the following sections:

  • 3 places for dealers (1 main croupier and 2 his/her helpers who deal with bets and help to control the situation at the table)
  • 14 places for players (7 at each side of a table. Moreover, these seats are numbered as 1-15 with number 13 missed because of bad superstition)
  • Special places for making bets (Player, Banker or Tie). Usually they are of different colors, so you can easily and quickly get used to them
  • Two sections for tips
  • Section for discard trays

These are the sections of the main three-dealer baccarat table which is used for playing all three main baccarat variations: Punto Banco, Chemin de Fer and Baccarat en Banque.

Types of Baccarat Tables

Baccarat Table Baccarat Table

The traditional baccarat table described above is not alone actually; baccarat card game can be played also at some other types of special tables:

  • Two-dealer baccarat table: is the same with the three-dealer one but there are places only for two dealers instead of three (one for each side of the table).
  • Midi-baccarat table: the same with mini-baccarat table (see below) but usually more players can play at such a table (9 players in particular).
  • Mini-baccarat table: only one dealer is present at such a table and the number of players is only seven. Mini-baccarat is very popular in casinos indeed because it moves faster thanks to a smaller number of participants, and lower minimal bets are allowed to make.
  • Online-baccarat table: well, this variant is a copy of a traditional one actually with the only exception - only one player takes part in a game. Other sections of a baccarat table are present there. Every online casino today will be glad to provide you with baccarat game which is possible to play both for free and real money.

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