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D'Ambert Betting System - Methods of Usage in Baccarat

D'Ambert System

Though many gambling experts and critics insist that there is no betting system which would really work for baccarat because this is the game of luck and chance, Jean le Rond d'Alembert did not think so when he created his own betting system for playing casino games. It was the 18th century when the famous physicist, mathematician and philosopher made an attempt to prove the fact "nature seeks equilibrium". Probably, he was right?

The Principle of D'Alembert

Probably, the fact that this system had been created and developed by a mathematician can make you believe that it is really difficult to understand, learn and use; but it is not true. D'Alembert betting system is very simple to learn and remember: it is considered to have negative progression system's features, as well as Martingale betting system, and insurance system's features; many gamblers find it to be ideal for the casino games where your chances to win are 50/50.

D'Alembert system tells a player to increase a bet if s/he loses and decrease a bet when s/he wins; but the point is just to add one more unit to the initial bet, not to double it like Martingale says.

For example:

You make a bet of $1 and you lose: make your next bet of $2. Lose again? Your bet will be $3 and if you win this time you will return your $3 which you've previously lost.

But if your bet of $3 wins your next bet will be one unit less = $2. You win? Great! Then you've got $2 more.

Is it strange?

Yes, probably it sounds strange: to decrease a bet when you win but, actually, in such a way a player, who uses D'Alembert betting system, just tries to protect his/her money. This system allows you to play baccarat without a big risk to stay without money at the end of the game.

Anyway, be attentive! It is better to determine your bankroll before the game in order not to be surprised to lose all your money at once! Remember all baccarat tips, such as money management for example, and you'll definitely be lucky to beat baccarat game!

Have a successful game!


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