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Well-known Martingale Betting System for Baccarat

Martingale System

Gamblers have been trying to create the most successful betting system as long as different casino games exist; most of betting systems can be used for some games, not only one. For example, Martingale betting system is used both by roulette and baccarat players; but is it really worth using? Does it work? Let's have a look at Martingale batting system, and you will see by yourself whether you are ready to use it while gambling or not.

What is that?

Martingale betting system is a negative progression system and it is considered to be one of the oldest and most popular betting systems in the gambling world: maybe because it is very simple to use and there are no special mathematical formulas which a player should learn and remember for using this system. What is so unique and good in this system and why do many gamblers use it when sit at casino tables?

The main idea of Martingale betting system is to double your bet every time you lose; yes, it is a little bit strange but this is the fact. The principle is the following: when you lose a couple of times and finally win - you get all your lost bets back plus you get your initial bet.

Let's see how this system works:

You make your initial bet of $10 for example. If you win, your next bet will be $10 again; if you lose - your next bet will be $20.

Now you have a bet of $20 and you lose… Damn! Ok, double your bet again - you bet $40 now.

Lose again? - Do not worry, your next bet is $80, and imagine that it wins! Finally! What do we have? You return your previous $70 ($10 + $20 + $40) and you win $10 (your initial bet) more.

Is it worth to use Martingale?

The fact is you will never bet the house edge by using Martingale betting system; so, everything you have is small wins thanks to big losses. If this is exactly what you look for when sit at casino table - Martingale is for you even if a well-known Wizard of Odds consider all betting systems to be completely worthless. But remember some traps which you can meet while using this betting system:

  • When you have a row of losses, you can meet the moment when you do not have any more money to make your next bet
  • Each casino table has its bet limit: for example, baccarat table usually has the limit of $500-$1000. So, the chance is that you can reach the maximum possible bet at the table you play and lose all your money in such a way without having a chance to win something
  • The longer you play by using Martingale, the more your chances for losses are: this system can be good for a short game; well, maybe one hour is enough.

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