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Learn Parlay Betting System: How It Is Used in Baccarat Game

Parlay System

There is one more positive progression system which does not demand any special mathematical talents from you, and does not tell you to follow any difficult mathematical rules. Parlay betting system is very easy and fun to use; actually it can be called Paroli system's youngest sister because the conception of these two betting systems is practically the same: if you choose one of them to follow, you can easily change it for another one and you will not find almost any differences between them.

How does it work?

It is rather simple to learn how to use Parlay system: double your bet every time you win!

The strategy is the following:

  • Make a bet
  • You lose: make another bet
  • You win: leave your bet and add the same unit to it. For example: your $5 wins = add $5 to your initial bet and place $10 as a bet now. What can be easier?

You are welcome to continue playing and betting like this till the moment you are lucky or you reach the bets limit for the baccarat table you sit at. This system can really help to increase your money quickly but the main thing here is to know when to stop, otherwise you risk of losing all your winnings at once.

Tips to use Parlay

  • Use this system when bet on even-money only
  • Do not use this system too long - it is perfect for a short time
  • Remember when to stop while you are lucky: take all you winning chips and take cash! If you are a person who can not stop while he is lucky - this system is not for you! Decide for yourself when you stop: after 2 winnings rows or after 3 winning rows for example. Such a strategy will prevent you from lose all your winnings at once! Read more about gambling strategies at canadaslot.net

As you can see, Parlay betting system is very easy to understand but the most difficult its part is to know when to stop without any loss; this system, when use it for a short time, can help you to increase your money quite a lot (you will increase your initial bet for sure) but do not be so confident with your luck: sometimes it has a tendency to say good bye and show its back to a player.

Well, anyway, Parlay gives you more chances to win than Flat Bet Baccarat System or baccarat counting.


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