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Paroli System: How to Use It in Baccarat

Paroli System

What is a betting system? This is a system or strategy which is used in the world of gambling to help a player to increase his/her chances to win a game. A betting system can be used to play all sorts of games from http://www.777.com/play-roulette.html to poker and blackjack games. One of the most popular betting systems which is used not only for baccarat but also for other casino games, such as blackjack and roulette for example, is Paroli Betting System, a positive progression system which is sometimes called to be Anti-Martingale system as it is opposite to Martingale betting system.

The Concept

Paroli betting system is really fun to use and it is not very dangerous for your money as it does not give many chances to lose them when you play a game, baccarat for example. The main concept of this betting system is the following:

Double your bet each time you win.

It means that every time you win a hand you leave your initial bet and add the same amount of money to your bet as your initial bet was. In such a way you decrease your chances for loss: if your bet loses you just do not double your bet and leave it as it initially was.

The point is to increase your bet 3 times in a row and after that begin with your initial bet again.

For example: your initial bet is $10. You win this bet and your next hand's bet will be $20. If it wins you make the next bet of $40, if it loses - you stay with your initial bet of $10.

Things to remember when you use Paroli system

  • Decide in advance what your initial bet (initial unit) will be: in the example given above the initial unit was $10.
  • Decide at once how many bets you'll make before finish your game and start again from the very initial unit.

Positive moments of the system

Certainly, every betting system had its pros and cons; as for Paroli betting system, there are also some advantages of its use can be found:

  • You can control your losses: if you see your bet does not win you just make one step back and save your money in such a way.
  • You can win much money from almost nothing very quickly: the main thing is to win 3-4 times in a row and you'll increase your winnings.


Nothing is ideal in our world: Paroli betting system also has its weak points, the only two actually.

  • You can reach a table limit and have no more chance to increase your bet.
  • You do not know how long you will be lucky to win. When your initial bet has been increased from $10 to $80 for example, it is not so easy to make the next bet of $160 without a fear to lose everything.

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