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Something New: Predictor Betting System in Baccarat

It is very easy to understand the name of this betting system: each number is the number of units you will use for your bet when sit at casino table. Initially, this betting system was developed for the card game of blackjack but it is successfully (well, for somebody) used for other casino games too.

It is really simple and it does not demand any specific knowledge from a player: your first bet will be 1 unit, your second bet will be 3 units, the third one - 2 units and, finally, the fourth one - 6 units. Well, nothing special indeed but this system hides something from you…


The 1-3-2-6 betting system is a positive progression system like Parlay for example: it means that you double your bet every time you win. The example below will help you to understand how everything works here.

Your bet unit is $5. According to the system, your first bet will be $5 x 1 = $5. If you win - you get $10 already.

Your next bet will be $5 x 3 = $15. If you win - you have $30.

The next bet is $5 x 2 = $10

The fourth bet will be $5 x 6 = $30


This system could be really great but it demands 4 winnings in a row from you: so, for the 1-3-2-6 betting system to work you should win 4 times without any lose, otherwise it will not work. Let's have a look at the situation when a player loses during the row of 4 bets: how much will s/he lose if the initial bet is $20, for example?

  • If a player loses at the first bet - $20 of loss
  • If a player loses at the second bet - $40 of loss (a player won $20 from the first bet)
  • If a player loses at the third bet - $40 of net profit ($80 were taken down after the second bet)
  • If a player loses at the fourth time - wow! It would be better not to count the losses

Well, all experts recommend the 1-3-2-6 betting system only for those players who prefer to play for fun or for really small money: it is interesting to use but very nervous when everything you have is put in the kitty.


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