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Three Dimensional Baccarat - Beating Baccarat

Three Dimensional System

Being very popular and loved by many people all over the world, baccarat card game gave birth to many different betting systems: all players tried to find the most optimal strategy to prove the fact baccarat could be beaten in spite of the fact it was the game of just luck. Anyway, all the systems, which had been created a long time ago, did not work 100% because of being not perfectly clear from mathematical side.

But some gamblers think that they have found a decision already, and this decision is the new betting system which is called three dimensional baccarat system: it helps a player to get the advantage over casino at least a bit.

What is three dimensional baccarat?

Usually, all baccarat betting systems cover the only one aspect of baccarat game - mathematical one; but speaking about three dimensional (3-D) baccarat system, we can say that it covers three baccarat aspects: not only mathematical but also mechanical ones.

This system helps you to determine what bets to make and what option to choose to make a bet on; everything you should do - follow this 3-D system: it works in such a way that counts the most likely result of this or that bet: Banker or Player. So, no matter what bets you decide to make - flat or progressive ones - 3-D baccarat system works for both of them.

This betting system has passed many different tests both at land-based casinos and online ones and it proved to be the one which worked. The winning results were rather good for baccarat: the given betting system helped to win 4-5 units per one shoe.


Different from other betting systems, Labouchère betting system or the 1-3-2-6 betting system for example, 3-D baccarat uses only mechanical steps to determine the right bets, not mathematical ones. Its huge advantage is the fact that, being a flat betting system, it does not demand a big bankroll from a player to start the game.

Certainly, everything depends on the style of your play but if you prefer a conservative baccarat, the percentage of your winning if you use three dimensional baccarat betting system is about 90%. Impressive, isn't it?

Want to practice first in order to understand whether 3-D baccarat really works? Today, you can easily do this in almost any online casino which provides its visitors with American baccarat: this baccarat variation is the most open one for three dimensional baccarat's usage. We hope you will not be disappointed!


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